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I have a monseignor's cassock... I wish I could have you over for confession.


i’ve always wanted to get fucked in a confessional , during mass , so i have to hold in my moans

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what happened to your vimeo videos?


oh man i made those vids back when i was still a crossdresser, and looking back on ‘em brought back feelings of dysphoria so i rage deleted all my vimeo and youtube clips

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Would you ever do hardcore with another Tgirl? x


men men men i wanna get fucked by only men i love men

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You are so hot! What's your favorite snack?


dried seasoned seaweed, it makes my breath smell like fish but i don’t care :)

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I think Koreans are some of the most under represented in terms of trans, out of the Asian races. Why do you think that is so? Is it a combination of the culture and Christian religion? It's such a shame to me, because I think that Koreans are very beautiful people, also with access to very sophisticated plastic surgery treatment. Obviously you don't live in Korea, but perhaps you can shed some light on the matter?


you’re right i don’t know much about it, but one contributing factor might be that Korea (South) is, and has been, in an unending war (with North Korea) and because of that, army service is still mandatory for male Korean citizens. Perhaps deciding to transition is viewed as a cowardly move to escape compulsory army duty, and blah blah blah

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Yuri Myeon at The 2014 TEA Show!


Yuri Myeon at The 2014 TEA Show!

1 or 2 cocks at the same time ??


i’m afraid i’ll try double anal and i’ll love it like way too much like a meth addict and go out in the streets begging for double anal

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you look like my ex and it honestly drives me crazy


u should txt your ex she look like a tranny, post her response plz :)

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